September 16th, 2008

Red Rose

A Public Service Announcement

This is a public service announcement from Good Student!Tierfal.

*mic interference* Hello?  Is it o-- it is?  Okay.  Hi, kids!  This is Tierfal, telling you to stay in school, go to every class, and always, always, always take notes.  You hear me?  TAKE NOTES.  Writing fanfiction during lectures... Come on.  Your sanity's not worth that much, is it?

I'm Good Student!Tierfal, and I support this message.

Finished my first Honeydew Syndrome ficlet today (*cough*during French class*coughcough*).  The fluff... The fluff...

And now for the splendiferous "The End Is Near" teaser-banner-picture-margin-thing I drew while I was listening attentively to my history teacher.  Obviously.

Get excited.  'Cause once I figure out all the crap I've screwed up already and write about as much again as I've got, we might have, like, a fic on our hands or something.  Whoa-ho.

I was up until two writing with eltea and BSing stuff about Alemannic grave sites.  I am so very sleepy.

The odds of me sleeping, of course, are hilariously low.  But that's a different problem.

One more time, steal my breath
I'll feed you the sky
I will show you how
Steal the glamor from death
And before you die
Oh, you should see...

- "Kiss and Control" - A.F.I. -