September 18th, 2008

Red Rose



I'd like to wish a ludicrously happy birthday to not one, but TWO of my gorgeous LJ girls. :D

First, by seniority, the truly transcendent marmaladefever -- not just an amazing writer, not just a pillar of the Dramione community, not just one of the very first people to make me feel truly welcome here at LiveJournal, Marmy has also given me a much better appreciation of the color orange.

I'm utterly serious. 8D

A second shout-out to the flagrantly fantastic richelle2972.  Have we really only known each other for six years?  ...on second thought, that's a hell of a long time. XD  Anyway, one of the things that always strikes me about you is how little things change -- we don't get a chance to talk all that often, but when we do, we jump right back in where we left off.  And that's a really wonderful, comforting thing in a world like this one. ;)

Sorry these are STUPID and RUSHED; I have to go to class extremely soon and am multi-tasking and haven't done my homework and am an idiot. XD

Regardless of my moronic tendencies, my beautiful birthday girls, you are entitled (and encouraged!) to request a fic each.  I can guarantee you a drabble, though I'm afraid setting a time frame would be suicide. XD  Throw a pairing at me (pick a pairing, any pairing from either of my fandoms! :D), and if you feel inclined, add a prompt of your choice.

Voila, instant birthday present idea stolen from jenwryn! 8D

If you lovely ladies let me know by about eight tonight (since we're all in the same time zone, I can say this >D), I'll see if I can't mull over it a little on the plane.