September 23rd, 2008

Red Rose

Richard III lawlwut?

Or, "In Which Tierfal Fangirls a Guy Who Died in 1616."

I like my Shakespeare class pretty well this semester, 'cause my teacher is insightful and one of those harmless-old-dude types who gets kind of excited over this or that soliloquy.  You probably know the type. XD

In any case, today was particularly interesting, because we watched three film versions of Act 1, Scene 2: the '82 BBC one, Laurence Olivier's '56 version, and the '95 one with Ian McKellan.

As I'd sort of expected after watching a bit of Oliver's Hamlet, I thought that as Richard, he was kind of wooden and really hasn't earned his reputation as the definitive Shakespeare-Actor-Man (Kenneth Branagh, anyone?).  I was pleasantly surprised with the BBC one, since the beginning of their Comedy of Errors wasn't anything too terribly spectacular.  And I knew Ian McKellan was going to make me squee a great deal, and of course he delivered. ;)

Anyway, if you've got, y'know, twenty-five minutes or so to kill, you, too, can admire them, thanks to the wonder of YouTube. :D

So here's the BBC version; the Olivier version; and the Ian McKellan version, which is the order we watched them in during class. :)

Now that I have culturally enriched you, I should go attempt to get a start on the pile of homework swamping my sad little existence... Or maybe start writing the essay for this Shakespeare class of mine, which happens to be due Thursday. XD