October 8th, 2008

L - Blue


I was going to regale you with the half-dozen bizarre and vaguely-amusing pictures I have saved on my phone, but these library computers don't let you save anything to the desktop.  Srsly, California?  IS THIS WHAT YOU ARE DOING WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS?

Well, I guess it makes sense for porn- and virus-prevention purposes, but still. :P

Managed to get my French essay due date extended until Monday, hurrah!  My teacher is probably sick and tired of my shit.  First a wedding, now a computer disaster... what the hell is wrong with that girl?  I bet she does it on purpose.  D<

Got my baby back from the store, ostensibly intact, though I had to wait around for ten minutes for the guy to get back.  That man needs an attitude adjustment or a pay dock, I'm TELLING you.

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Blue Rose

"There it goes"

So it's brigits_flame time again.

The last time I wrote poetry was, if memory serves, almost exactly a year ago. I just don't do poetry much, because it always sounds kind of juvenile to me when I'm done, and I don't tend to like it. But I was contemplating the prompt last night, abject and computerless, and my brain started throwing words at me. No clue why they decided to be these ones, and I didn't want to force them to try to be any others. Mea culpa. XD

Thanks as always to eltea for looking it over. :) The prompt was that it had to start with the words "There it goes."

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