October 11th, 2008

Mello - Reasonable

Random Crap?

I.e. the usual...

My stepdad, who's a mechanical engineer, was taking a look at my computer today.  He actually partially disassembled another one he has of the same model first so that he wouldn't screw mine up.  Kinda touching, right? x)

Anyways, turns out that [string of expletives truncated] dude at the computer place not only put my screen's casing back on wrong, he also managed to either (a) attempt to steal or (b) forget to replace a fair amount of memory that went in a little slot in the bottom.


So now I have to go fight them again on Monday.  Not really looking forward to it.  Also have lots of homework that I honestly cannot get myself to do.  I tried.  Got my ballot, too, 'cause I'm a permanent absentee, so I just mail it in *fo' free*.  Lots of shit to read through in order to make informed decisions.  Yay.

My stepdad hooked up the 'top, though, such that I'm basically using it like a desktop tower -- I've got it attached to the monitor and the keyboard via a little dock-y-thing (technical term).  These are the keys I wrote my NaNo on in '06, at entirely reasonable hours because my sister kept going to bed early.  I wore the little rubber feet-caps off of this chair.  I passed endless hours and wrote countless words staring glazedly at this screen.

Kinda weird.  Like yours truly.  IDK, kids.  I should crawl under a rock right about now.  A nice one, with moss on it and lots of worms underneath.

My mom and I made cookies today.  Cookie-things.  That we make.  Someday if I am feeling ridiculously cool, I may get that recipe for further reference.  Not that I'm ever going to move out of my house entirely; I'm much too anchored here.