October 14th, 2008

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Shakespeare midterm today went surprisingly not-badly. Whoever wrote it (the professor or the T.A.; they like keeping us in the dark about these things) chose really good passages, and I just kept thinking of things to say to the point of going on analytical tangents.

This is why I love Billy. There's just so much there. My Inner Cynic always gets into fights with my Inner English Major on the topic of whether or not writers intend even half of what we attribute to them thematically when we're trying to stretch our essays out to the assigned length, but damn if Billy didn't give it a good go. I'm still slightly dubious that he deliberately arranged The Comedy of Errors -- which is all twin confusion and silliness and hilarity -- to make a point about self-discovery in unity and using other people as mirrors, but... well, hey. There's textual evidence. XD And like we were talking about in my OTHER English class today, once it's on the page, it's kind of out of the writer's hands. It's an entity of its own. Which is a scary thing and a wondrous one.

I still haven't talked to those computer store losers about the memory they stole from me. (*has Kira flashbacks*... I mean what?) Yesterday when I walked by, they had a sign that said "Closed Until," and the number delineating the hour of return had fallen out.


And now for a fandom meme I nabbed from jenwryn because it was much too amusing to pass up. 8D

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