October 22nd, 2008

L - Bewildered

help plz

I am in need of a wee bit of advice, pretty plzes.

So NaNo is coming up.  Precipitously.  And I'm not sure what to do.

My original plan was to decide to write simply a grand total of fifty thousand words over the course of November, for various different things, all over the place, just fifty thousand damn words by 11:59 November thirty-first.  I can't think of anything novel-y I want to write, and though my once-upon-a-time plan was to continue the ridiculous fantastical...ness... that was Wythword, (a) I used all the good stuff in '06; (b) I think I've changed too much to find it as compelling as I did then; (c) I sure as hell don't want to figure out what should happen next, since it would need to develop some semblance of a plot at this point; and (d) It would turn into slash faster than you could say "Bryen/Ravis plz?"  XD  But last night I was realizing that another thing I could do would be to write the third and final part of the Her and Me series.


I went there.

Well, haven't yet.

But there's a couple problems with that idea, which I will list for you now, in easy-to-read numerical format o' doom:
1. I'd be rushing.
2. There would not only be more filler than usual, it'd be BAD filler.  Well, "particularly bad filler," I should say.
3. It probably wouldn't be as amusing, since I wouldn't be able to sit and wait and rack my brains for funny stuff.
4. Given my attention span or lack thereof, I might get bored.  And if that happened, I might abandon it.  Which would be even worse than the egregious procrastinating I've been doing thus far.  Maybe. XD
5. I'm highly out of practice in the Potterverse, though I suppose I pulled off "Betelgeuse" all right, and TEIN Mello is a bit like HaM Draco, at least enough to frighten me a little. XD  Blame Yadrogan, who is the manic!hot boy precedent. :P

Soooo... I was also considering writing one of my zillion planned DN fics for NaNo, but I wouldn't want any of those to suck, either.  Though I was half-planning one that would be unabashedly stupid in the first place, so maybe it wouldn't even be an issue there. XD

In any case... any thoughts/suggestions/death threats? XD  I trust you guys. ;)

I'll have some fic crap up later, but in the meantime, cut your teeth on a fic that will blow your mind utterly. O_o  It's dark and strange and totally engrossing, and it's defintely some of the most poetic prose I've ever encountered:

The Cup of Trembling by Qismat Qami
AU. LxLight, dark!fic. "As I was going up the stair I saw a man who wasn't there.  He wasn't there again today.  I wish, I wish, he'd stay away."

(Psst -- eltea -- is this the one you were mentioning a while ago, but unfavorably? XD)