October 24th, 2008

Blue Rose


I hate sleep.

Just thought you should know.

brigits_flame; prompt is "besieged" this time around; and deadlines find me tasty. D:

Thanks much to [info]eltea for the unsurprisingly fantasmic beta and the usual idea help, encouragement, distractions, and general awesomeness. XD

Also, it's DEFINITELY eltea's backyard, but that only means something to her and to richelle2972. :P

If anything makes no sense, I am very sorry, and it is very late. XD

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Red Rose

Insatiable Fangirl Strikes Again

Extra, extra!

Well, actually, more like "No surprise at all"...

Shizow, kids.

This time I gave you just enough to conclude nothing. XD  My God, I'm evil.  I never knew...

Also, I was looking at my Top 25 Most-Played Songs playlist on iTunes, and I have determined that I am the biggest emo kid ever.  Ever ever.


There's a sale at Borders through to tomorrow, with manga three for the price of two.  I have to go there to get a book for English.  I am doomed, children.  DOOMED.

Well, my wallet is.

L - Blue


Yes, I know this is the third time today.  I'm getting my money's worth, all right? XD

'Sides, I'm just popping by to direct you to a Honeydew Syndrome ficlet I finally got around to sharing: They Both, Charles/Jay.

I have so, so, so, so much shit to write. XD