October 27th, 2008

Red Rose

Amber Revamp

Yessirree Bob, per richelle2972's request that I show you lovelies whatever I ended up with, this is the new version of Amber. If you'd like to skip to the entirely new sections, they're the now-third and now-fifth, counting the introduction as the first section.

There's also a new chapter of The Dawn of Remembered Time today, though I'm trying to convince myself that doing all the other fic-spamming I want to will (a) annoy the b'jesus out of eltea and (b) postpone my doomed essay even further. Frigging essay. God. It's on one of the densest novels I've ever read, and I just do not want to do it. XD I may cop out and do the easier book, but there's so much more in this one; it's just that it requires more brain than I have after being up late... again... and just sucking at life in general. (The book is The Gangster We Are All Looking For, if anyone's now curious. It's really interesting, just... I don't want to write a paper on it. -____-')

In other news, I really am going to show you Amber once I shut up about everything else. This is it, folks. If I don't get into the class with this one, I think I'm going to stop trying. This is the best I can do. If that's not good enough for the class, then I'm not, and I should quit wasting everyone's time.

...like yours! :D

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Mello - Reasonable


I wrote that paper in two and a half hours.  That is RECORD TIME.  Holy crap.

Maybe it's because I'm so tired from not getting to sleep until about four last night that I was just typing stuff, which is what makes my writing so good/interesting/bizarre?/uncontrollable at ungodly hours.  Hell, I don't even care what it is; damn thing's DONE, leaving time for the reading I have to do for that class and maybe even a bit of French midterm study.  And the rest of the week should be comparatively pretty quiet, then I get to elope disappear to eltea's for Halloween mischief! :D

And by "Halloween mischief," I definitely mean "a shitload of fangirling and a staggering amount of candy consumption," but s'all good.

S'all very good.  Though I believe I'm now a Shakespeare play and a half behind... >_>

Also, I'm stupid and lame-awesome, because I just spent the last hour of essay-less freedom finding random Death Note pictures and saving them.  I should specify "MORE Death Note pictures," actually; I have a riduclously large collection... And I'm probably going to be at it a while longer still.  DON'T JUDGE ME. ;__;

In other superfantabulous news, let's extend a hearty and probably deterring Tierfal welcome to sabriel75, who has now joined the ranks of LJ Friends and will subsequently be subject to the occasional Friend-Locked Post O' Emo!  ...you poor, poor dear. XD

I will probably be up late writing fic again.  Then again, when am I not? 8D  "The End Is Near" broke 42,800 words today, which means it's longer than the entirety of "Enigmaticness Abounds."  Whether it manages to surpass the behemoth that is "The Hour of the Wolf" remains to be seen, since that'd be another 12,000 words or so, and I'm just about to lead in to the climax...

Nod and smile, kids.  Nod and smile. :D