October 29th, 2008


The Meta Fic

Hoorah and huzzah and so on and so forth, I have finally posted the slightly odd fic I wrote for metamorfic_moon on Saturday! :D  It was weird -- I very rarely write anything of this length all in a stretch, certainly not on a single subject, certainly not maintaining my focus the whole time.  It was all written within a period of about twelve hours, too, though fairly intermittently. O_o

Weird how well the characters came back.  Or maybe I got them all wrong, and I'm delusional. XD


Title: Buyer’s Remorse
Author: </a></b></a>tierfal
Rating & Warnings: K+, and a criminal surplus of parenthetical statements
Prompts: Homenum revelio, the junk shop, Day of Truth, and Drama/Humor (though it's really more like Drama/Humor/Romance/Angst...?)
Word Count: 3763
Summary: Nymphadora Tonks didn’t go on shopping trips -- she went on adventures.
Author’s Notes: Slightly strange, faintly bleak humor in this one. I was in a weird place and stayed in that weird place, writing weirdly, until the thing decided it was finished… just before two in the morning. XD There’s a lot of me in it, more even than usual, which tends to do create this sort of tone in fics. Thanks very much to </a></b></a>eltea, as always, for the beta. :) Apologies for the lack of British convention -- rushed American at work :O -- and for the egregious genre over-classification. (Last things, I promise -- it’s “Inside Out” by Eve 6, if you’re curious, and… Near, you little sneak, how did you get in there?!)

(Fake Cut of Majesty)

Shit, the excessive agony of almost four thousand words of HTML formatting has severely impacted my errand-running time.  RAR.

Also, I need to vote.
Mello - Reasonable

Random Lulz

We were discussing how we hate people who bash characters who get in the way of their OTPs.

Eltea: I am proud to say that I liked Near even when the only thing I shipped was Matt/Mello. XD
Tierfal: :D
Tierfal: Me too. :P
Eltea: And then I was like Well, maybe I could ship him too... >D
Tierfal: I love everyone. :3
Tierfal: And yeah, same here. :P
Tierfal: Fucking Mello made me into an omnishipper. :P
Tierfal: Well.
Tierfal: Not literally.
Tierfal: I wish literally.