November 4th, 2008

Mello - Reasonable

Random Fic Crap

I'm not sure why I like talking about fanfiction so much.  I think it's because I like talking about myself, and I like talking about writing, and so when I'm talking about my writing, I become un-shut-up-able.

Hot damn!

First, though, welcome, welcome, welcome to teenelizabeth, who, though she doesn't realize it, is now doomed to the unsavory fate of being able to read my friend-locked entries. 8D

Sooooo... TEIN is just under 47,000 words.  And when I wake my brain up (*pokes it with a pointy stick*), I'm going to type up what I wrote in class, because, for some reason that eludes me, I have been consistently failing at starting chapters on the computer.  Has to be on paper.  Dunno why.  Makes no sense.

Anyway, since I have an entire climax to go, it'll break 50,000.  Which'll be legit.  Though I doubt it'll get to 55,000 and steal the Fanfiction Crown of Endless Doom from "The Hour of the Wolf," but then... would we really want it to?  Nahhhh.

Sequel is a confirmed yes.  I'm way too attached to these incarnations of the characters to let them go now.  And eltea and I made up a geographical context for the prospective sequel that will require road trip research of the best kind.  And the nicknames... the nicknames... There are enough terrible puns in this damn thing to kill baronanriel, and THAT is saying something. D:  I probably won't be able to get out of that mentality for a good, long while.

Though I'll be trying to work on the Mello-y fic, too.  I really want it to be everything I think it can.  I'm going to make my most valiant effort.

I think there might have been something else.  That I was going to say.   When my neurons were transmitting signals.  Which was happening once upon a time.

Oh, NaNo is... lulz.  eltea and I were playing the Sentence Game instead of the Drabble Game yesterday (primarily because my "drabbles" in particular always get out of control and then end up getting lost at about 3,000 words, which equals approximately epic fail).  A few of those (though I did write at least three hundred-word sentences, which is slightly ridiculous and impressive?) brings my grand total for November thus far to... 1,608 words.

...yeah. XD  On the upside, we get Tuesday off for Veteran's Day, and there's no way in hell I'm coming back to school for just French on Monday, so I get an artifcial four-day weekend! 8D

Also, I am binging on MCR again.  I love them too damn much.  True story.

Red Rose


What the hell is this?

I just listened to Obama's Damn-Right-I-Won speech on my roommate's computer, and... he makes me want to be proud of this country.


There is something legitimately inspirational about the words he says and the way he says them, something that makes me want to believe in our flag again.  It's all so simple and hopeful and idealistic, and I love it.

Yes, we can.

Congratulations, Soon-to-be-Mr. President.  You damn well earned it. for Prop 8.  *deep breaths*