November 5th, 2008

Red Rose


Quickie before I go to class.

...bow chicka BOW wow.

It's weird waking up to an Obama US.  It shouldn't make a difference, and obviously nothing has changed yet, but it somehow DOES.  I felt strangely good as I flopped/rolled/fell out of bed.

The results are disconcertingly elusive, but I think Prop 8 is going to go through.  God damn it.  The helplessness is the worst: sitting there, having voted, and watching the people of my state -- my state, which is supposed to be full of uncontrollable liberal loonies who routinely hug trees and sometimes live in them -- manhandle blatant discrimination into our constitution.

But like eltea was pointing out, Obama's got it right.  We're on an upward slope here.  It's not as steep as I'd like, but it's angled, and we're going to get there eventually.  The war's just getting started.

Errr.  I have to flee to class now.  And haven't done my homework.  Whoops.