November 7th, 2008

Blue Rose


Oh, God. It's three-thirty in the morning. No brain. As demonstrated by the fact that I just tried to spell that "braine."

Uh. brigits_flame. Prompt "wine." Not edited in the slightest, because I didn't want to put eltea through the disgusting travesty of prose below. XD

Apologies first to Vincent, who never did anything to deserve being treated this way, and to richelle2972, who has been wanting me to write about him again since... ever... and definitely ought to have gotten better than this. XD

Please excuse the insanity. I haven't slept much this week. And won't be sleeping much tonight, now...

**EPIC FAIL ADDENDUM -- the climactic line was eltea's idea, and I completely fail at French at two-thirty in the morning. XD Please ignore my idiocy.**

**EFA II -- managed not to copy and paste the first line. I'm actually impressed with how hard I failed on this one...**

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