November 8th, 2008

Red Rose



Sleep is a silly thing that rebuilds brain cells and nourishes the body and whatnot.  Pshaw.

Typo of the Day, or Technically of Yesterday:

The stones of the flood bruised his knees...

It's clearly extremely deep symbolism.


I'm not sure how, but between TEIN binges and Vincent yesterday, I slingshotted myself over 9,000 words. said it, Jack.  WTF? XD
L and Misa

Lulz! XD

First of all... I shouldn't be so amused by the mental image of this.  I mean, really -- that must have been SO TRAUMATIZING. XD

Running with Foxes

Coming to a theater near y... or not. XD

My mommy is funny. XD

Tierfal: (after setting younger brother up at the table for lunch) Okay.  I'm going to go to the bathroom.  And then I'll come back.  It'll be awesome.
Tierfal's Mother: (calmly) Yes, it will.

I lol'd; I couldn't believe she actually agreed with me. :P

...further proof that I am really like this in real life... 8D

Expect word count updates later, keeds!  COMING SOON TO A THEAT... no.
L - Bewildered

"What do you read, my lord?"

Words, words, words.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
11,569 / 50,000

Yeah. I am hot shit, kids. 8D

How did this craziness happen, you ask? I ask myself the same thing. Funny story, really.

No, really.

It's called "The End Is Near," and it's so close to finished that I can taste the triumph. (It tastes like strawberries and cheesecake. :d)

"TEIN" is now the longest fic I've ever written, having dethroned "The Hour of the Wolf" seven hundred words ago. And... wow. Thirty chapters. Damn. I've never had to title something "Chapter Thirty" before.

...actually, looking, that's not true; when the Emo Assassin (no, seriously -- he was emo before emo was in; it was a COUP) Book I started in the tenth grade stalled last year, it had come to 95,000 words and was in the middle of the thirty-fourth chapter.

I should really just pound out five thousand words and push that sucker over. I owe that much to the Emo-Kid. :P

ANYWAY, consider yourself progress-spammed. :D sister and I spent like an hour sitting on the couch singing to crappy music today. It was ridiculous and awesome. XD