November 17th, 2008

Mello - Pimp

Prepare for "The End"


"The End Is Near" - A horrible day gets a bit bet -- er, worse -- when Mello discovers that a certain albino boy has disa-Neared. Matt, Mello, L, and Light set out to find him, come hell, high water, or chocolate shortages. Well, maybe not those. Matt/Mello, Light/L.

The original summary was slightly longer, but I ran out of character spaces...

I'm almost too tired to be properly happy about all this. XD

Go read, kids. Spread the love. *passes out on keyboard*

(I slept like seven hours, what is this crap? O_o)

Now I go off to pretend to study, while actually instead getting eaten by an unexpected and wholly unrepentant Kingdom Hearts plot bunny.

Fucking bunnies. -_____-

I'm on to you cute and fuzzy little bastards.