November 24th, 2008

L - Blue


I know these are boring. But look, a pretty word meter! 8D SHINY!

And just think about the long-term reward, which is, eh, probably about twice as much fic as there would be under regular writing circumstances. XD

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
38,805 / 50,000

This puts me at a mere 1203 words behind. That's almost nothing. It's only 1203 words more than nothing. Snap.

Smut is where it's at. Who thought that shit would be so wordy? XD That is indecent on so many levels. XD

Five and a half hours of sleep two nights in a row is grossly inadequate. I get to get up a little late tomorrow, though it'd be a helluva lot later if my French exam partner didn't think we'd need an hour to figure out how to talk for two minutes about any of a couple questions. I mean, really. Back in the day, if our teacher had been high enough (it IS Berkeley, CA, after all) to give us a partnered oral exam in the first place (maybe it's the smut, but that sounds diiiirrrrtyyyy), eltea and I would've winged it faster than you could say "Maybe you should at least read the questions first." XD

I sacrificed homework for NaNo again. Even though I felt pretty damn superior understanding Act III, Scene iv, which is in French. Yeah. It's useful once in a blue moon. Whoa.

...yeah, that's all I got. XD