November 26th, 2008

Charles - Blue

Updately Biznss

Nothing much to report.  New TEIN and a new Margins -- one I'm very fond of.  One of those where the words sort of wrote themselves, and I mostly just tried to keep up. :)

Damn it.  eltea and I were up until three-thirty writing Matt and Mello talking in French.  It's complicated, but it was absurdly fun.  Unfortunately for my sleepless brain. XD

Yaaaaaaay, I am at home.  And Thanksgiving is tomorrowwwww. ^^

That's about all I got. XD

Back to scarring Near for life trying to write smexyness. XD  Damn thing is 9,500 words and showing no sign of stopping.  Frigging snap, guys.  That's a full quarter of my total word count. XD  How did that happen, and when? XD