November 30th, 2008

Red Rose

*wearily waves many flags*

Well, it hath been done. Consummatum est and other vague blasphemies I can now utilize thanks to my Early Medieval European History class.

Here's a very sleepy huzzah. It's four-thirty in the fucking morning, and their wordcount-verifier lies like a rug, which facilitated a forty-four word "You guys are made of bullshit" sentence to tide me over.

Got some good fics out of this. Started a Near-centric ficlet series yesterday (...morning, about twenty-four hours ago), and have eleven and a half thousand words of the smutty one that I really like, and started a lot more than I finished, but did get some nice stuff going. Even finished a couple things. Egads.

The tiding-over fic was lolslash of two of the characters in the novel eltea is still assiduously writing (plz to be crossing teh fingarz), because I am that awesome. Thought you should know. Yeah. Boo-yah. Why did I leave my emo pants at school? They would be so appropriate tonight.

Then again, it's fucking cold, and I'm glad of my pajamas instead of my emo pants. True story.

I will give you an absolutely random selection, for shits and giggles.

Strolling down the rows of knickknacks and curios, poking at jewelry boxes, music boxes, and what appeared to be boxes with no particular purpose, Light strove to determine what would suit his mother best. He needed to buy some roses, of course; fortunately all the vendors on the street hadn’t lost track of the calendar like he had. But flowers died, and chocolates got eaten (precipitously, if L was around), and he wanted to supplement those kinds of gifts with something permanent. Something lasting.


And now I will reply hazily to comments and then go the fuck to bed.

...and other unnecessary expletives as well.

L - Do Not Want

Never Was Fond of Fish

That is a lie; fish is tasty.

But SILVERFISH... o_____o

I'm very appreciative that our apartment hasn't yielded up any spiders, and after the various shoo-fly debacles of last year's window-screen-less dorm room, I suppose I shouldn't begrudge a few silverfish darting across the bathroom floor every now and then.


I found not one, but two silverfish in the jeans-designated drawer of my bureau today while unpacking.  TWO.


To make a long story short, I scrounged up a "Raspberry Flavored Fizzy Drink Mix" box in the recycling to get some cardboard and used it to arm myself against the twin silvery menaces.  Those things are so nasty.  After taking many deep breaths and working up a great deal of uncharacteristic guts, I slew them mercilessly.  There was much smearing and cringing and general disgust, but I reigned victorious, which is why I am here and they are rotting in the trashcan.


Tierfal + cardboard FTW!  \o/

Then I went about researching how to get silverfish to bugger off, and the best consensus that doesn't involve much work seems to be cloves.  Potpourri-y cloves.  Which I intend to make by the millions over Christmas and distribute throughout this fine establishment.  It will be good.

And now I need to go write the introduction to my French essay.

But first, since I mooch-glomped both jenwryn and sabriel75, I am now obligated:

Leave me a comment and I will reply with why I like you. If I don't know you, I'll either make something up or tell you why I like your LiveJournal. You must pay for the privilege by posting a message like this one on your LiveJournal.

zomg so positive and uplifting. :O

Much better than hearing about silverfish, at any rate. :P