December 4th, 2008

Red Rose


The whole not-sleeping-this-week thing finally caught up to me.  Damn; I had intended to run forever...!

That and writing about the Sexy Lawyer Man of Death known as Mikami has made me kind of emo today.  I really do think Mikami's one of the most tragic characters in the whole of Death Note.  And if I rambled at length about it now, I'd lose all of my drabble material, so I will refrain. XD

Speaking of tragedies, if we have a quiz in my seminar, I'm going to fail it, because I still haven't seen head or tail of the book we're reading now.  And then we're Hamletalizing.  And then God knows what Early Medieval European foolery we'll get up to after that.

...sleep would be good.  Yeah.  That.  Whoooops.