December 8th, 2008

Red Rose


Five minutes before I have to leave does not equal time to be a good LJ pal. ;___;  I will do this the second I get back from class.  Imagine me nodding sagely and crossing my heart and hoping to die.

But first, the epic lulz encapsulated in "Into Girls," which is a Ginny/Hermione fic.


It was a request, which I failed at for a long time.  Yesterday, I was like FUCK THIS and just wrote it.

The narrator really isn't Hermione; she's me.  Which is probably the only real point of interest.  So if you wanna know how I'd deal with being in love with a Ginny who is supsiciously eltea-ish in at least one place... there you go.  Parts are kinda funny, because I am irrevocably sarcastic. XD

Umm... yeah, I have to go pretend I don't despise everything French stands for now. D:  Only two more days of this, and I will be free to procrastinate on one last paper and three written finals. XD
L - Bewildered

A Haiku

I enjoy writing stupid haiku in my head sometimes.

If that's wrong, well... yeah, nobody's surprised. XD

O, wonder, laundry
Maelstrom of spinning cotton
Be done; I need clothes

Composed on the stairs down to the laundry room.

You heard it here first, folks.