December 15th, 2008

L - Do Not Want


So I took my Shakespeare final today.

After having started studying at, uh, eight forty-five-or-so this morning.

It actually wasn't that bad. I think. I feel like I said a lot of interesting things and came up with stuff that hadn't been talked about -- though that might not be particularly helpful, given that they were much more enthusiastic about the shameless term-dropping I did on the second midterm than they were with the creative ideas I implemented on the first.

That would be school in a nutshell, right? XD

Anyway, I should've proofread, and usually do on finals, but after two hours and forty-five minutes of writing pretty much nonstop... I just turned the damn thing in. XD I MEAN SERIOUSLY. XD Four essays laaaateeer... XD

I got a great deal of ink on my fingers, too; it was ballpoint carnage. XD

So now I just have to survive the French final -- though I don't know where it is; I emailed my teacher... -- and then write that damn paper for history. Damn paper. Rarrrr.

And then as soon as I'm done, I can gtfo and go the hell home for a month. SWEET VICTORY. ...until I have to come back and do this all over again next semester. ;___;

So yeah, I hope that was enlightening. XD

I've been shirking my happiness meme duties something atrocious, so lessee... Yesterday, eltea made me happy, because she always does. XD Ditto today. :P Also, YOU GUYS persistently make me happy, 'cause... you're just awesomesauce squared, no yoke. 8D And my jacket and my scarf made me happy today, because it was damn cold in the room we had to take that final in, and colder still outside. XD

Everybody with snow is all, *NOT IMPRESSED*. :P

I also discovered today that the myriad trees that make the campus so beautiful are not quite as pleasant when they are dripping water on your head. XD

Aaaaandd... so there was this one line in Twilight that put me off many moons ago, which I randomly encountered and then memorized: "His stunning face was unexpectedly vulnerable." And eltea and I were loling about it again via Death Note last night at about eleven, and for some reason I decided to play with it, because... I are me. :P

"Matt's eyes went from yeah-uh-huh to no behind the curtain of his eyelids, changed when he'd blinked. Stunned and stunning -- that was a nutshell if Mello had ever seen one. Nutcases; nutshells -- such was the business.

It was the vulnerability that scared him. Matt wasn't supposed to be afraid."

Now, that would make for a much longer book, of course, if the trend kept up, but... yeah, just wanted to share for no good reason. XD