December 18th, 2008

L - Bewildered


And not like postal service postage. Like me spamming your Flist because I'm an awful person postage.

Which I just tried to spell "postege"? O_o


Do we have any geeks in the house? Do we? Because I had been meaning to render a certain strapping young man in Christmas theme for eltea and finally got around to it...

Uhh... if you are of the Death Note Fan Persuasion, plz to go check out the Epic Drabble Challenge-...Thing eltea and I did the other day. Because it's fun! :D Also then I can put more colors on my chart. XD ...yes, I made a chart., I haven't started my paper.


Peace, homeskillets. 8D

/soooooo ghetto amirite?



Oh, yes, it's that time again -- brigits_flame time!

This week's prompt is "Truth," and I actually wrote the piece a few days ago, when I was, um, substantially more emo than I am currently... There are a lot of my real life issues in it, though, so you can comment with "What an emokid!", but please don't say "The girl is stupid," because that would make me sad. XD

It's a bit of a downer, so... have a picture of a bunny? XD Or how about my brother's cat? XD

Thanks very much to eltea for editing work. And generally just for being an amazingly wonderful human being. x)

The one bit is from "Song of Myself," by Walt Whitman, and it's verse-stanza-thing 51. Those lines just stuck in my head last year and decided to stay. XD

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