December 19th, 2008

Charles - Blue



Now all I have to do is pretend I'm going to sleep a reasonable amount tonight, get up tomorrow, hike to school and turn it in, pack, get on a damn train, and get picked up my mommy, and then it is FRIGGING CHRISTMAS, GUYS.

Well, fortunately not; your Christmas presents are still, um, in the, uh, works. Yes. Works. And things. Those.

But now I have NOTHING to sidetrack myself with and NO EXCUSES, so that should help. XD

Happiness Meme (I think this is the last one? ;____;) :

SCHOOL IS OVERRRRRRRRRRRRR (and more Rs; have I mentioned that it's late and there was chocolate and it's late?). Also, I spent a great deal of my day talking to jenwryn and eltea online again, and they are gorgeously wonderful amazingly fantastic human beings, as you all have probably gathered by now. 8D

I even have some of my chocolate left to take home, which comes as quite a shock, let me tell you. XD I only managed to eat HALF of it in like two days, lol. XD

So... that's super-exciting. XD

PEEEEEEEACE. Or peas. Or piece. Or plz. Or whatever you want, 'cause I'm in that kind of mood. 8D

(The only problem is that I'll be leaving my scanner at school, which will make the drawing meme slightly tricky. XD Though eltea has a scanner, and odds are I'll be invading her house for some considerable portion of my break, so that shouldn't be any more than a minor setback. XD)

YAY. x3

Red Rose


So my brother is sitting to my right, playing a band called Skindred, which is, according to Wikipedia, heavy metal-punk rock-reggae. I actually am really liking it, lol. And my sister is on my left, trying some online game with lots of sound effects, while playing Aqua.

...yeah. XD I always forget how insane my family is until I come back and experience them all over again. XD

Speaking of which, this is the site for the comic my brother does in the UC Davis newspaper. :D The newer ones are at the top, so you'll have to scroll/click back a little to get to the early ones. ^^

Yeah, he can actually draw, lulz. XD

Anyway... XD

I am srsly going to try to work on Christmas gifts tonight, errrr. :P I finished the L/Light Christmas fluff o' randomness that was distracting me from them, so that should help! XD