December 21st, 2008

Mello - Reasonable

So Begins the Present Parade

All right.  It's the only one I've finished, but since today's the first night of Hanukkah...

Silverfish, for chococoffeekiss.

In which Sirius is attacked by bugs, per the prompt.

HOPE YOU LIKE IT, DAAARLIIIING. x3  It is much crack and happies.

I will now go post the other Christmassy things I've actually finished.  Which, sadly, are not anybody's presents.  Boo.


True story.

Green and Gold
No one should have been too surprised when Near curled up under the Christmas tree and fell quite contentedly asleep. It was when he awoke that things started getting strange...

Temporally Disinclined
Light pressed a hand to the glass.  "Ryuzaki, it's snowing. It's snowing on Christmas. Isn't that kind of... magical?"


For now. O_o