January 6th, 2009

Mello - Pimp

I watched TV with my mom today.

In fact, pretty much all I did today was watch TV with my mom. Crazy-awesome, I know. XD

We saw an episode of "House" over lunch, followed by... uh... OH YES an episode of "Fringe," which was awesome. My mom had told me about it, but it was just excellent. XD I've also been watching "Sanctuary" with my mom and my sister on Fridays, which is fun, too. And then tonight we watched "NCIS" and "The Mentalist." :P

I never watch TV at school because I have no TV. XD Obviously I could watch stuff on my computer, but... I don't. XD

Forgot to link to the bit of fanart I drew a zillion years ago and colored while I was at my dad's house, for "Alive" by AlienABC's.

I also drew L at the Ricochet last night, not nearly as well as thi_hoai did the other day, dear God. *worships*

Mine mostly just looks like a very frightened emokid. Kind of reminds me of Metis from Honeydew Syndrome, really. :P

I meant to do many important things today. Other than TV, I got sucked into my box set and reread most of DN Book 9 and all of 1, and now I'm halfway through 2.

It's, uh, research. For all the fics I'm not writing because I SUCK. XD

And I talked to eltea and jenwryn online, of course. 8D