January 19th, 2009

Matt - Bang

Why do I even title these?

There is no point to the titles.

I should definitely put a secret message into them, but I don't. I'll work on that one. D:

Welcome to my new friend miaoshou!! :D

We will not speak of how much I have fangirled his fics in various entries, for it might become embarrassing for all involved. >_>

I have forty-eight reviews in my Inbox!

And one PM!

What fun! XD

More TEIN today, and I will also probably spam some more drabbles. You know you love it. Unless you don't. Which is also perfectly understandable. I really do update too fast; it's a disease. XD Hopefully I'll slow down a little now that school's starting again... tomorrow. I have to go back in like an hour. DO NOT WAAAANNNTTT. ;_____;

*soul dies*

More uselessness/whining/bitching/moaning/ranting will probably ensue. XD

L and Watari

Everybody Needs a Watari Icon

Well... I do. >_>

Plus the mere abstract thought of baby!L makes me die of cute. XD


(*shot for punctuation blashpemy*)

1. Sought out my classes on the campus map. First class is actually stunningly close to my apartment, FTW! ...except that the second class is at the opposite corner, with a ten-minute passing period to hasten to it. Imminent punctuality fail. XD

2. MOAR TEIN. And darlings, darlings, keeping up is overrated! XD It'll still be there... forever... and ever... and ever... Though holy crap, guys, it's about to break 600 reviews. O_o I've never had 600 reviews before, even in the heyday of the Draco/Hermione fluff-crack-chaos known as the "Her and Me" trilogy. Whoa. Like, the-Matrix-has-you-WHOA.

3. Death Note boxed set is SO sitting right next to my computer right now. Yeeeessss. *pets it obsessively* ...all nice and ready to scare my roommate with the pretty skulls... >3

4. Drabbles drabbles drabbles. Observation is about Matt and Mello (here at the fic comm o' doom), and Frail, which... I won't tell you who it's about, because I want to see if I really was unclear, since some people are having trouble figuring it out, it seems. XD (Or go to the comm version and cheat, if that strikes your fancy. XD)

I am fantastically useless and persistently full of ficspam. It is the truth.

Also, I am not sure how I forgot JUST HOW MUCH my roommate talks on the phone. It's incredible that her ear hasn't rotted right off, honestly. XD



I posted an hour ago, but YOU MUST SEE THIS.

If you've read Pure Chance, at least. If not... it's still frigging adorable, and you should look anyway, though it does sorta spoil one of my favorite parts of the whole fic, which is why I asked for it... XD

For I am the Kiriban Stealer of DOOM! >D



There's more hyperventilation where that came from.