January 20th, 2009

Mello - Pimp

Have some lulz!

Well, probably just one good lul. But you can have it.

If you like Light/L drabbles that are slightly cracky, anyway. XD

richelle2972 has been having an epically shitty week/day/life/universe, so I offered a drabble. Uncannily, I actually WROTE a drabble, and in a timely fashion. I am in as much shock as you are, my dears.

Without further ado: The Endless Bishie Legs Drabble.

I'm not putting it up on FF.net, because it... would not fit in with The Margins at all, so this is the only place to find it. XD Go forth! 8D

I will bitch about my day properly once I'm done with my last class, which is in about an hour. D:

Oh, and speaking of drabbles and crap like that, if I've missed your birthday (or if you're like sabriel75 and don't list it in LJ's server XD), drop me a line and a prompt, and I'll whip something up for ya. Because you guys are aaaawesoooome, and I want to write you things to show my appreciation. ♥


Red Rose


Ficspam? At THIS hour?!

This is my third post today; plz to be kicking me off LJ for abusing my privileges.

Portia may make Shakespeare roll over in his grave a little (here at the comm), and there are now Flukes in The Margins (here at the comm; do I detect an unprecedented pattern to this madness? O_o)

...all I can think of now is the venomous liver flukes my eleventh-grade AP English teacher liked to tell us about.

Ficspamming is on schedule. Yes, there is a schedule. It's called "two a day (plus TEIN on TEIN days) is reasonable and will get richelle2972's Christmas present up on Thursday."

And I finished eltea's present today, too. I'm like on a roll or something. Trippy.