January 27th, 2009



Happy birthday to icequeenrex!! :D You are... basically awesome. 8D (And it's def only been your birthday in my time zone for ten hours now, sooo... yes. :x ) Your optimism is always really inspiring, and your perspective on your life is always fascinating, and your ability to get into characters' heads is always fantastic. :D

SOOOOO... fire away for a birthday drabble! 8D Give me a pairing and a word prompt (or a quote or a song or whatever strikes your fancy XD), and I will try to whip something up ASAP. :)

People whose birthdays I have forgotten to observe or to offer drabbles for are, of course, always welcome to remind me, because I suck. XD


...and now to go to class, which is not so \o/. XD