January 29th, 2009

L - Bewildered

*boring as lecture*

I went to class today.

That was it.

Well, I wrote fic, too. 1,659 words between four objects, according to my math. Which was done with the computer calculator. \o/

There was a ficlet and a drabble in the morning (in class, as usual, which took place after I got up, read three pages of Under Western Eyes, gave up, and went back to sleep for half an hour before trekking off to campus), and then 630 words of richelle2972's fic (and I thought of some stuff for the last seven hundred words or so, which is never a bad thing. BLOOD AND CHAOS PLZ), and another two hundred words that tip that bunny we met the other day over 2,000.

Drastically important play-by-play, I know. >_>

I honestly don't know what it is about Death Note. I just want to write it all the time. It's practically compulsive, and it's very strange. O_o

...also, my Milton teacher is legit. She bears a striking resemblance to Sarah Silverman and is fun to listen to. Even though our classroom is too effing small, meaning that half a dozen to a dozen people are sitting on the floor every day. Me being one of them, since my first class is on the opposite corner of campus. Not-Actually-Sarah-Silverman pledges she will try to get us a new classroom.

...yeah, that's really all I've done today. XD

Now I have to write a brigits_flame entry, which eltea is being wonderful enough to help me figure out.

My brain hurts.


I get to go home tomorrow, provided that I don't pass out in a gutter somewhere to sleep first. So that's nice. XD

I've been listening to "She Will Have Her Way" obsessively some more (Phase X+1 of jenwryn's plot to turn me Aussie XD). It makes me want to -- wait for it -- wait for it -- WRITE DEATH NOTE FIC.

I'm absofrigginglutely stunned to hear that come out of my mouth.

Figuratively my mouth.

I'm definitely shutting up this time.

No LJ cut for you. >(