January 31st, 2009


Stuff and Nonsense?

Oh, yes. Lots of it.

First-off, all the latest crap:

"Mortals" for brigits_flame. I was up until 5 AM writing the damn thing, as eltea and jenwryn can testify. XD And I scared the shit out of myself in the process; it's easily the creepiest thing I've ever written. XD

And some Death Note, of course. The first is a drabble composed of virtually nothing but Matt/Mello innuendo, which is the best kind. Or something. :P It's called Shameless, and I actually said "Oh, God" aloud when I typed one of the lines. XD

The other is the thing I wrote trying to start Shameless, which is kind of sad and resigned and... the usual. XD Okay, or here at the comm. Also Matt/Mello, and has B in it, for some unknown reason.

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Moar ficspam tomorrow. XD