February 7th, 2009

Red Rose


I've been meaning to post all these for a while. XD

1. Did You Know? 2008. CRAZY, MAN. XD

2. This almost killed me: Caution! Zombies Ahead! ...I see how it's hazardous and so forth -- but it's also FRIGGING HILARIOUS. XD

3. I re-stumbled upon this the other day. It's a de-motivational poster I made out of the first essay prompt I ever got in college. I'm impressed with me for not quitting. :P (My T.A. was the most pretentious person I've ever encountered in my life, which explains... everything. XD)

4. Take an hour out of your life -- find one (or, if you're stupid like me, take it intermittently between midnight and four in the morning XD) -- and watch this video on the anthropology of YouTube. It is fascinating and incredible and enlightening and will reinforce your faith in humanity. Coming from me, that's saying something. XD

5. Sad but true. XD Don't forget to mouse over every XKCD comic for the last word. 8D

...that will be all. XD I have a million more XKCD links saved, but that, my friends, is for another time, when you don't have a frigging amazing anthropology video to watch. :D