February 14th, 2009


Hey, you.

Join us at the Death Note Valentine's Day Meme. We are perverted, and we have many, many cookies.

Also, I wrote four.

Because I want the love to spread, and spreading it makes me happier.

My Srs Valentine's Day fic is flailing, I think because it's too personal and is accordingly crushing my soul in small and vindictive ways. This might be the time for that "quitting while you're behind" thing they talk about.

Well, I talk about.

An episode of "Psych" did a wonder on my emo, and then last week's episode of "House" brought it running back.

So go to the meme already. XD And ask for something; I was on a roll, and lots of other people are, too. And the one jenwryn did is, utterly unsurprisingly, fantastically magnificent, too. *___* (It is here if you want a magical secret shortcut.)

I love you guys.

And this picture, which is hilariously cynical but undeniably clever.

Happy Valentine's Day, you beautiful people. ♥

(And an extra hug for sabriel75, who sent me a card quite despite the fact that I haven't managed to send her a Christmas present yet. ♥)

Matt - Wanted

what are YOU looking at?

eltea (2:12:07 AM): GAH
eltea (2:12:28 AM): You should have to put a warning on pictures of Frank the Bunny. XD
tierfal (2:12:33 AM): XD!
tierfal (2:12:48 AM): I'd say he's...
eltea (2:12:56 AM): :P!
tierfal (2:12:57 AM): ...*so fucking shot*

(...if you have not seen "Donnie Darko," you might Google it.)

(In broad daylight would be good.)