February 20th, 2009


Somewhere in the sands of the desert

Once upon a time, I didn't do much today.

I mostly just like posting to make me feel like my subscription is really worth it.

It's all about the icons, true story.

Today, I:
1. Watched an episode of "House" and laughed like a maniac/spoke to the screen, because my roommate was out. (And today is the day I get wise and make a House tag. XD)
2. Fiddled around with DN panels on Photoshop, the better to regale you tomorrow.
3. Reread the vast majority of the last volume looking for a specific piece of information, which was at the beginning but led into all the fun stuff. XD
4. Watched another episode of "House" to cheer up. :P

...blah blah my chronology fails; updated Caveat Emptor (and at the comm), got a play for class from the library, read it, etc. Fences, August Wilson, if you were wondering. Which I doubt you were. XD

5. Toyed with "Far" and wrote Near a monologue which will probably look utterly absurd in the morning, and which quotes like half the first stanza of "The Second Coming." Thank you, higher education. Thank you very much. XD

Also, I think you guys should know that eltea has spared you two (2) HUGE emo posts in as many days. She is making sacrifices for you by putting up with my LAMENESS so that you don't have to. XD

I've been very roller-coastery lately. As you would know if you'd seen the chocolate wrappers. Ohhhhh, they are plentiful. XD Either they reproduce when I'm not looking, or I have a Problem. XD

Oh, and there's a Brigit's Flame piece from yesterday. It's very... quiet, but I like it. And one guy does lose his pants.

See, now you have to read it, to see if (a) I'm lying; (b) I mean it the way you're thinking. *wriggles eyebrows*

♥ to all.

(ALSO I'm having trouble with comment boxes on tierfallen -- two people have now told me they're blindingly tiny to type into. XD Does anybody know how I can change that/fix that/work magic?? :/)