February 23rd, 2009

L and Watari


Fanfiction.net is not working. BAD FANFICTION.NET.

I don't want to sit here and add a paragraph break every time I need one in today's 3,500-word "Caveat Emptor" chapter. (I tend to copy them from the FF.net pages, which preserves the spacing, and then I just add in italics and other HTML commands.) I don't want to do it to the other fic I'm going to post today either, though it is admittedly rather shorter. I'll give it an hour or two, and then I'll power through. Because I am just that awesome. XD

You *CAN* haz a dirty-minded drabble written for chamyl this morning. (Are there any other kinds of drabbles written for chamyl? 8D ♥)

I'm tiiiiii-reeeeed and haven't done any of tomorrow's homework. (Okay, that's not true; I did one class's reading over the weekend. I haven't done any today, I should say) ...death.

Instead of that homework, I juggled two smut scenes and that drabble. Two out of three actually got done, better believe it. Matt, why are you so horny? It's because everyone wants to sleep with you, isn't it? It's because I want to sleep with you, ISN'T IT??

Incidentally, I haven't updated "Chocolate Always Loves You Back" in... ever. Maybe tomorrow I'll try to write Chapter Two. Instead of paying attention in class and/or starting on the paper that's due Thursday.

Fuck me, Matt.

Plzzzzz go over to duck_diaries and discover the utter awesomeness of eltea's Menagerie characters. (Subscribing wouldn't hurt either; SHAZAM. No, really, check out what's there if you're a loony and don't believe me. I don't understand why people treat eltea as some sort of half-me, half-my-younger-sister character who pops up randomly in virtually all my LJ entries. Girl is scary-fucking-smart and scary-fucking-talented. Also, hot; also, keeps me alive and quasi-sane.) Sorry; you can't have Toni. The split-second he's legal, I'm marrying him.

Now... GO. Leave thoughtful comments. Do it because you're a decent human being. ♥

And because I will fuck you up if you don't.

I will throw you an entry with proper links later. Peace, loves.

L - Bewildered


Jokers Wild
Light/L; T; 880 words; If L knew the byways Light's mind wanders, he would run. He would never stop running. And Light would never let him get away.

The Taste
Light/L; K; 322 words; for happy_mystic; prompt "sweet"; It makes perfect sense.

Caveat Emptor, Chapter IV: Dry, 3,580 words... yeah.

See, this is why it pays to be my LJ friend -- none of that crap is at FF.net yet, since it's still malfunctioning. WHOA-HO.

Did you really think I'd do any homework? REALLY? XD

Well, I did read at least ten pages of Jacob's Room. And adulation of Woolf's prose is what got me writing that second one there. Omgfail. XD

Horrible student, yes, but I wrote a grand total of 2,203 words today for various projects.

Dear Muse,