February 28th, 2009



Apparently having a huge confrontation, hashing everything out, tacking on a few lines of song lyrics, and selecting "Complete" is NOT conclusive enough to make some people realize that a fic is finished. XD

On the upside, I have come to terms with the next chapter of "Chocolate Always Loves You Back" and posted it (orrrrrr here at the comm). I love Matsuda. Near for the win. XD

Today is Light's birthday. I thought it was like two weeks ago. Oops. I'll see if I can dash off a celebratory drabble or some shit. I have better things to do, but it's not like I was ever really planning to do them. XD

Life is better when there are dark-chocolate-covered soybeans involved.

Sounds terrible, I know, but they're amazing.

Umm, somehow managed to forget yesterday to adulate the beautiful teenelizabeth and jenwryn to pieces for sending me moar Valentine's Day love. ♥

I need to update my "To Post" fic list with all the bottleneck-y stuff. Rarrrrrr.