March 1st, 2009

Red Rose

And I don't even drink coffee!

You know you write too much Death Note fic when... wonder how Frodo is walking so far away from Sam -- wait, I don't see the chain!!

(The uninitiated may view the Kinky Chain (thank you, me being a perv in TEIN XD) in action here. It's not purely fanservice, I promise! XD)


Also, why do I always forget how much I love the LotR films until I randomly catch one on TV again? O_o


Coffee Break, and at the comm.

Happy birthday, dear Liiiight-oooo...! 8D

So my evening consisted of dashing that off, remembering why I saw "The Two Towers" five times in theaters (and squealing accordingly), and making apple pie with my mother, because we are that Suburbia. >3

If I can make it the three weeks to Spring Break, I think I will survive this semester.


Red Rose

Nothing of Any Importance

Although it's debatable that it's EVER anything of any importance. XD

Umm... today when my parents were driving me back to school, I was amused. You know those Jesus fish that people put on the backs of their cars? Yeah. I've seen the Darwin fish with the little feet, but today I saw one that was even better.


(And lulz that's not me taking the picture. XD This is what I look like taking pictures of shit on people's cars.)

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...I honestly have nothing more important to talk about today. XD