March 5th, 2009

Red Rose


You guys. You guys.

Okay. Geek tiem plz. So my Milton teacher was talking about the poem that Andrew Marvell wrote for the preface of Paradise Lost, because he actually uses it to take a couple truly snarky digs at Milton -- and even more at John Dryden for turning PL into an opera, oh-ho-ho. One of Marvell's concerns was that the same sort of twisting-gutting-mediocre-making that Dryden was doing to Milton's masterpiece was actually precisely what Milton was doing to the Word of God, as it were.

And I realized.


I almost died of inside-lulz.

So I thought you should know. XD

...also, I binged on Rob Thomas earlier today. And I can't find "Something to Be" anywhere on YouTube, but you should look it uuuuup. *__*

I then listened to Chevelle, because I enjoy making incongruous musical decisions. 8D

As evidenced by the fact that I'm listening to reggae now. >3