March 8th, 2009

L - Do Not Want

hai frandz

Had an awesome day dragging eltea up here; involved an excellent play, two and a half episodes of "Merlin," pizza, and enough frozen yogurt to kill a lesser being.

But right now my head feels like it's going to esplode. And I don't fancy cranial matter on my laptop screen, oh, no.

I will almost certainly feel better tomorrow, and I shall be a much better LJ Frand then. Plz excuse the disjointed comment replies I vaguely conjured up earlier. XD And rest assured that I haven't forgotten the fics that have been posted recently, and rather am very, very excited to revel in the fruits of your brilliant labors as soon as I am functioning at full. XD

Now I'm going to go watch the other half of the episode that the video player cut off right in the middle of a battle sequence. And then I'm going to pass out for as long as I can manage without ending up late to class.