March 12th, 2009

L and Misa


Couldn't sustain a mood like that one for long -- certainly not with top-volume Mika and one of those gorgeous-blue-sky days that makes everyone in the country think California kids can't handle averse weather conditions.

Would you like my 113-degree July? 8D

...jenwryn is not impressed. XD

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I'll probably remember all the other things I was going to say the second I hit "Post." XD

First, though, you guys are all fantastically wonderful to me, and I really do appreciate it. ^^

*sneaky edit ftw* If you're into Merlin, you muuuuust read crazyboutremmy's fic here. It's just MADE OF WIN. XD

Oh, yeah, another thing that made me happy today was remembering that I won the internet last night on the One-Sentence Porn Meme. XD (I'm breaking anonymity and DO NOT CARE. >3)