March 22nd, 2009

Mello - Pimp


Remember how I said that one of these days, I'd get around to making "Merlin" icons?

Well, that was today. I felt kind of persistently shitty again, and icons are fun. x3 Hence... SEVENTY MERLIN ICONS. Though a lot of them are variations, so that you can have text or not or whatever. :D Now I'm just trying to figure out which ones I want to use. :O I should really just fork up the money for the zillion icons, 'cause I would use them. XD

Anyway... *tantalizing preview*:


No spoilers, really, unless you hadn't figured that a show about Merlin would involve magic and whatnot. :P

Collapse )

Better believe it.

...there'll probably be more when I get some good pictures of the girls. 8D