March 25th, 2009

Charles - Blue


And then we watched an episode of "Merlin."

Actually, that's the end of the story, but that's okay. richelle2972 and eltea and I had an adventure today etc. and so on, and the important thing to take away is that I'm excited to work on the TEIN sequel. 8D

Once I, y'know, sink my teeth into Chocolate, finish "Far," and get some Merlin fic up in hurr.


BUT FIRST... I do believe it is the illustrioius crazyboutremmy's birthday! 8D her time zone, anyway. XD

You may have noticed, dear, that birthday girls get fic! 8D Please request a drabble! :D A pairing and a prompt is the way we roll, so throw me anything from any of my too-many fandoms. XD

Though Arthur/Merlin and a prompt would be particularly fantastic, given that I'm still trying to get my feet properly wet in the fandom, and it can't hurt to have an excuse reason. :D

Uhh, icons tomorrow; I'm lazy. XD And memes tomorrow; promise. :P