April 29th, 2009

L - Blue

My life, it is exciting

I did my monologue again today, and it was kinda faily. My tendency to make acting an automatic this-is-how-you-play-blank process has undermined me again, and I couldn't get to the Place (ooooh, esoteric capitalization) that I needed to go.

Or needed to Go, maybe. XD


Peep Art V and Peep Art VI. You knew I was going to take potshots at Twilight eventually. >_>

Those are going to be the only ones for this week, though, due to the fantastically amazing distraction of the party. 8D Once again, I want to sit down and seriously thank everyone who has participated for making the last two days of my life revelatory and frigging hilarious. XD (omg Jenny. Just... omg. XD)

Someday, when I am obscenely rich and famous, I will fly you all to my gigantic mansion, and we'll have a REAL party. WITH GLOWSTICKS. AND TECHNO. 8D

And now I'd better go see how far I can nudge Script Frenzy. I ♥ montages. XD

**edit** New Margins. Hadn't update that thing since January, good God. XD