May 13th, 2009

Charles - Blue

[can you feel me now?]

Haha. Some of you may have noticed my new header. Hahaha. Like jenwryn. Who lol'd about it with me last night at an ungodly hour my time. Hahahaha. XD

And eltea, who started it with the first quote, the second being my response. XD NOW YOU KNOW.

Okay. So. I'm exhausted. XD

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I do have something, though, for a certain beautiful girl named alias'd koneko_zero, and it's called Funny, Kind Of.


I should edit better, but I'm having trouble making my eyes focus properly. XD Also, I think that starting with this fic, starting tomorrow, I'm going to cross-post more. Brace yourselves. :|


This post is long and full of Death Note.

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Umm... I saw this on the way back from retrieving a graded paper today. There was also one that said "smile" and one that said "keep your head up."

They know us too well. o____o

And if you've got the Anna Nalick song stuck in your head now, you're not alone. XD (Also, DAMN, she's hot. I would TOTALLY do her plz.)

And now I'm going to go watch an episode of "Doctor Who" that has Colin Morgan in it, and you can't stop me. >D