July 6th, 2009

L - Bewildered

It's a pun -- yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah?

Friends don't let friends post hormonal.

Unfortunately for you guys, my BFF is on a different continent.

Fortunately for you guys, bummed around being lame all day instead of getting frustrated enough with the chapter of "Chocolate" that I still haven't started to post.

Uhhhh, yeah. I made an icon community today. It is called the_window_shop. 'Cause. Y'know. Window-shopping is just looking at stuff you kind of want to buy; and icon-shopping is looking at icons you might want to use, and you look at them in an internet window. And I make them with Photoshop.


Anyway, there are a bunch of Merlin icons that I never got around to posting here, and today I made some icons of hot guys. I mean, musicians. Yeah. That was why I saved all those pictures. XD

I would promise to work on "Chocolate" tonight, but I'll probably... make more icons. XD

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