July 9th, 2009


[when the rain is pouring down, and my heart is hurtin']

Amazing Things You Can Do with a Pool Table.

I've only ever contemplated the amazing things you can do ON a pool table, myself. ._.

Uhhh. sutenia. \o/

This in-progress chapter of "Chocolate" is brought to you by "No One" by Alicia Keys.

And by the letter L. (Obvz.)

And by the number 1,473 words and counting. o_o

And by jenwryn, who kept me sane last night. x3 ♥

Have some Merlin icons, including the Apparently I'm Fond of Angel Coulby's Cleavage Icon.

Now you know you have to look. 8D

I talked to eltea on the phone for half an hour today. IT MADE ME HAPPY. :)

**edit** I just gave my brother a buzz-cut when my mother screwed up the cut he wanted. Uh. Wow. lolwut. XD