August 3rd, 2009

Red Rose

Post or Die?

Write or Die works amazingly. I've got 920 words of my metamorfic_moon fic that definitively were not there earlier today, and it only took five minutes and then twenty later on. INSANITY, I tell you. There's a hope for NaNo after all, but if I give it any ground, it will destroy my plans to get into grad school and crush them to death.

With a smile.

Speaking of grad school, looked up a few more today. Also bought the vast majority of my books for next semester on Amazon. Will be taking the Scary More Units Than Ever Before-Making Fifth Class for certain now, if only because the zillion required books cost me almost a hundred dollars by themselves.

I have three completed Death Note fics that have been sitting around since the end of June, but I bring you Who-fic that I wrote yesterday instead of any of them. (And I'll give it a proper icon once I've gotten depressed enough to spend a day making some found one I like.)

My brain, it is broked.

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Maybe I'll go Write or Die some more. IT'S LIKE MAGIC. O_O