August 25th, 2009

L - Bewildered

The Story of My Day

So I had this idea like I was going to get things done today...

And I was actually off to a semi-decent start before lunch. Other than the subconscious sugar cravings.

tierfal (12:17:50 PM): Okay, I know I need food; I just wrote "I'm glad it came through that way" as "I'm glad it cake through"... XD
tierfal (12:17:58 PM): Freud: LOL! 8D

And then I ended up watching three episodes of the Death Note anime instead of being remotely productive. :D

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...I just heard the song blaring from someone's car on the street below. I'm pretty sure it was just a radio commercial, but I'm still amused. XD

Also, I think the dampness of the air here, imposed by the nearby body of water, is totally effing with my internal temperature, because it got up almost to eighty today, and I was freezing. XD

It's 9 PM. In exactly twelve hours, I'm going to be starting my first class. XD