September 3rd, 2009

Red Rose

wtf XD

Uhhh... last night at about eleven PM, our power went out for no apparent reason, so I took a shower by iPod backlight.

Okay, actually, once the backlight shut off the second time, I took the rest of a shower in the dark. XD

I am just that awesome. XD

Reason #43890 Why Being Female Is Sometimes An Advantage:

You can write smut in the library when you have a gap between classes, and no one will ever be the wiser.

On the downside, when James, the ~thirty-year-old, awesome, utterly immature guy from your theater company, whom you'd forgotten was going to study here, walks by and says hi right as they're ripping each other's clothes off, it's a little weird.


The only other news I have is that my Greek Religion T.A. is really boring, and there are way more people in that classroom than there should be. XD