October 16th, 2009

White Guitar

Random is the name of the game.

tierfal (5:05:24 PM): Madre: The house is at Potter Court and... what's that street?
Stepdad: [Reasonable Answer.]
Me: Malfoy Lane.

tierfal (5:09:02 PM): My mom was asking my sister if she'd heard anything about swine flu at high school.
tierfal (5:09:05 PM): Swine flu.
tierfal (5:09:06 PM): Confirms.
tierfal (5:09:09 PM): That MEN ARE PIGS.


Also, LOL SO HARD I didn't tell you guys -- so my 100%-Chinese stepdad has always had this running joke about how he's adopted, and in recent months, it's become a joke specifically about his "Sioux heritage." XD (I call him Chief Rests With His Eyes Closed and Snores.) OH BUT THEN he and my mother realized... his birthday is December 21st, and he'll be turning 50 in 2012.

He's Mayan. And he is causing the END of the WORLD.

/no one is surprised