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24 April 2008 @ 08:31 pm
(Fun!) Hey, baby, I like your lips;
(Fun!) Hey, baby, I like your pants--

(Fun!) Hey, I feel lucky tonight--
(Fun!) I'm gonna get stoned and run around...

--Funtime, The Cars

I think that might be the single best song lyric... ever.

Excepting all other song lyrics that are better.

Mostly it just amuses me to no end.


...I've had way too much sugar today.

The margin art I promised is here, after much toiling to arrange it last night.  It's not actually as much as I thought it would be.  And it comes in two pieces, because I'm a dipwad.  Or because Photoshop didn't open some of them.  Your choice. :D

Margin Art Volume I and Margin Art Volume II

Also, this picture I randomly found again while I was uselessly trolling deviantART because I'm a stupid ninny makes me squirm with glee every time I look at it: KITTY!


I'm six pages ahead in Script Frenzy.  How the crap did this happen?  Es magico.  I am concerned, however, that I will reach the hundredth page right on time, only to discover that I've barely even hit the climax.  See, with my NaNo in '06, I had no resolution in mind, and when I got to the fifty thousand word mark, it was just like, *w00t!* *ties stuff up* *preens* *decides that whole thing was "BOOK 1" and is "TO BE CONTINUED"* *done*.

But I can't do that here, 'cause it's got to be a whole story arc.  Plus cheating is only fun once.

You can haz excerpt of the filler scene I wrote the other day.  It amused me.  Sylivia FTW.  \o/

My brother used to try to talk my mom into driving him to school all the time.  It never worked.  Though my stepdad is the source of the miles uphill in the snow bit.  He was born in Hong Kong and lived there until he was seven.  Lotta snow in Hong Kong.  x)

I get to go home tomorrow.  I'm happy.  Though the fan is about to encounter some major interference now that finals are, y'know, a bit more than two weeks away.  Shiznit.

Speaking of failing all my classes, I should go do some homework now.  *scurries*
On the Radio: The Cars, of COURSE